Friday, March 25, 2011

Does it happen with all?

Does it happen with all?

It was the beginning of year 2007, I joined a project in IMS as my first one. It was a team of nearly 15 resources. It was like all goodies packed together. You name it and that quality was there in this team. The feeling prevailed as no other combination of a team can be as perfect as this.

Time has its own plans to overrule all yours. Slowly team started downsizing, still the group remained the same. Most of us changed their projects, few preferred to go back to their base locations. Still we were together, some actually, some virtuallyJ.  I changed not only the project, but the stream from operations to Risk management. For me this journey was certainly not an easy task, but everyone supported during. Whichever project/team we joined, there we could get only colleagues and not friends just because we never thought of any one else as our friends. 4 years not a small term in IT world, slowly this group started getting trimmed as well with few changing the organisation. Still the sprit of being together continued.

Every time when someone was about to leave, I used to think “Its part of life, noting to feel  sorry about” About 4 months back someone left the organisation, and only two of us remained. My feelings were still same. In last four months, we were so closed to each other, and I never imagined a life within the campus without her. We almost shared everything with each other. Whatever leisure time, we spent it together. It is almost one and the half month now, I know that march last week going to be her last week in this organisation.

For last few days, my deliverables are keeping me bit busy. Friday, I realized, I have to attend 3 full days training starting from Monday. At lunch time, I informed her, of course she was not happy to listen that. I paid no attention to it, I had full packed day till late evening in office. It was around 8 pm, I was on my way to home (this is the time I like the most, which gives me some avenues to get mind calm and think). All of a sudden, the whole journey of 4 years, I could see. I was full of tears. This is my lil friend will not be there from next week and I shall be all alone L. How should I let all of them know, how important is everyone for me.

Oh….GOD, why this????  I never thought of my life within the infy campus without all of them. But really what happens to such groups/ teams which are together for such a long time? Does any one feels the same? It’s very sad to imagine that you are alone, in a campus of at least 20k people. No one will call me for a cup of coffee, no one will wait for me for food even by adjusting own time as per my schedules, no one will ask to get something home cooked stuff, no one will admire whatever stuff I cook and bring, no one will ask me how I manage my home, office and studies, no one will get angry with me for not remembering b’days. It is such a sad moment. Although brain says life has to move on…heart is in no mood to accept…

Does it happen with all ?